Vegan Soaps From The Heart Of The Amazon

Vegan Soaps From The Heart Of The Amazon

Tropical-scented and extra creamy. We have a segredinho (little secret) of what makes our soap great and we are ready to share it.

You might have noticed that NaturaBrasil’s tropical-scented soaps are extra creamy. Their foam is dense and abundant, they glide on the skin and leave no residue. In case you are wondering what magic potion goes into the making, let us tell you our segredinho (little secret): respect and care in the harvesting of Amazonian ingredients and in the manufacturing process as a whole. The soap production follows strict guidelines to ensure every single step of the process respects the forest, and is also solid source of income to farmers. In place of plastic beads in exfoliant soaps, for instance, we use maracujá, açaí and linhaça seeds, which are carefully cleaned and dried before being added to the soap mix. This way, we maximize the benefits from nature and minimize waste. Another characteristic of our products that we are extremely proud of, is that our portfolio*, including our soap bars are vegan - no product or by-product used in our recipe has animal origins or is tested on animals.

Seeds Processing for Soaps

So let us take you to the small village of Benevides, 18 miles from the capital of Pará, Belém, in the Brazilian Amazon region. There, Natura built Ecoparque, an ecosystem of industrial plants based on the concept of industrial symbiosis (when industrial facilities or companies work together to transform waste or byproducts of one party into the raw materials for another) that generates sustainable business in the Amazon and to local entrepreneurs. Ecoparque's architects not only created a structure surrounded by glass, bringing the sun and the landscape in but also transformed 170 hectares into an ecological park. Every material and aspect of this place is committed to environmental protection and invites staff and guests to act and think sustainably - including the way people navigate from one side to the other: by bikes, foot or electric cars. 

Ecoparque NaturaBrasil

At Ecoparque, workers press natural ingredients, gathered in the Amazon, to extract their butters and natural oils - an important detail of our recipe, which makes our soaps stand out. “It motivates me to know that the fruits and nuts our farmers provide to the making of these soaps, is a way to keep them in business and supporting their families. Not to mention that this is a rewarding way to preserve our nature - that’s what our planet needs,” says Raimundo Braga, who oversees the farmers cooperative. Palm oil is another crucial ingredient added to the mix. Natura sources from certified suppliers, and has also partnered with an initiative called Saf Dendê. This project focuses on turning palm oil production, a commodity usually grown in monoculture, into a diverse and agroecological system - one that reverses deforestation and preserves local biodiversity, is free of chemical fertilizers, and protects both the forest and the local communities’ economy.

CoFruta Cooperative

Each NaturaBrasil soap offers a different shower experience. Whether your are looking for a gentle and creamy exfoliation, a light and tropical scent or a cocooning softness, there is a soap for you. And, best of all, along with these soaps, goes the story of each farmer, the respect for trees, and scents that can only be found in this part of the world. 

* With the exception of the castanha body butter, castanha creamy body wash and cacau creamy body wash, all our products are vegan - no product or by-product used in our recipes have animal origin or are tested on animals.

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